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Welcome To Clint the Kinksta's Home Page

To DoMy First Birthday - 1975. Cake given to me by my dad.To DoTo DoMe in July 1995Me in March 1997Me in sometime 1998Me in July 1998

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Last Update: April 12, 1999

Thought for the day: Drink Carbonated Castor Oil!

G'day! My name is Clinton, and it was good... REAL GOOD!!

Monica Lewinksy approached me on a warm, rainy night. She claimed she needed shelter from the rain.

I couldn't refuse her, she was terrified so much, I had to put her head in my lap to comfort her! :)

Anyway, I am a certified loony, acquiring my diploma in weirdology at the Clintonian Institute on the day I was born - June 19, 1974.

I reside in Sydney, NSW, Australia, Oceania, South-eastern hemisphere, Planet Earth, Milky Way in the vicinity (approx 8 million kilometers) of a celestial nuclear body of hydrogen which is commonly referred to as (because the alien name was too hard to pronounce) 'the Sun'.

I tend to not follow convention, so you will notice i may say things differently from time to time, for example, I will not say that parts of my page are under construction, rather, if it is the case, I will make reference to the fact my page is 'still being woven' into the web, and other oddities that I can conjure.

Blah Blah Blah

My home page has several rooms that can be occupied, and if you would like to enter a 'room page', you can just open the following doors