Welcome To Clint's ASCII Art Gallery

All ASCII art on this site is copyright, but may be used providing my name accompanies each drawing.

More ASCII art will be on the way, so keep watching this space.
Your feedback on anything is welcome even if it's to say what your fave is :)

I have also delved into ASCII animation and these are located for download at the end of the gallery (well when i finish this page they will) :) Due to no 'type' command in dos which offers scrolling speed, animations go faster and faster with newer machines. So, I have included two versions- original and modified. The latter being adequate for my system which should cater for most other people. If it still goes too fast, and you have qbasic, i have a program that will multiply the frames... I haven't put the animations up yet so don't feel like you're going insane if you cant find them :)

Anyway, you have now entered the Gallery. Leave your underwear at the door...